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Ruby Bridges is famous for doing something most of us take for granted today: going to elementary school.

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But that simple act by one small girl played an important part in the Civil Rights Movement. Find out why. Ruby was born on September 8, in Tylertown, Mississippi. A year later, her family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. For example, blacks and whites had separate drinking fountains, blacks had to sit in the back of buses and blacks and whites each had their own separate schools. All that changed with Ruby, who was one of the first blacks to go to an all-white school. He feared that angry people, who wanted to keep blacks and whites separate, would hurt his family if Ruby went to the all-white school.

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Her mom had such a tough time in her life that she wanted Ruby to have an easier life. They never saw a child.

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The story of Ruby Bridges and desegregation is part of Rise! In , Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, heralding a movement of resistance, with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A report shows too few U.

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