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A new motorway puts Timmy's guesthouse off the map. Timmy goes to a scriptwriters' conference where only fast, urban and up-beat stories are expected, nothing like Timmy's own story. Uneasy in any of the four provinces of Ireland, he desperately tries to reach the Fifth Province, the province of magic, of passion, of possibility.

Louis, Parish priest Father Dunne Pat O'Brien becomes aware of the plight of the city's newsboys, living on pennies and often homeless, and resolves to help them. Through inspired finagling and the gift of the blarney, he organizes a sort of "co-op" orphanage for increasing numbers of boys. Then he's faced with the tougher problem of stopping the escalating violence in inter-paper rivalry for "good corners" But they pursue her to ruinous Castle O'Flynn, after secret papers she carries which would reveal Napoleon's plans to invade Ireland.

The Napoleonic agents and British traitors will stop at nothing to gain their ends, but the swashbuckling exploits of the O'Flynn may be a match for them all. Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. But then Hugh is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Viceroy of Ireland and held ransom for the Clans' good behavior.

And Hugh must escape prison and the Viceroy's villainous henchman, Captain Leeds, before he can fight. Alistair is arrested and imprisoned for twelve years while Joe is blamed by his mother for not saving his brother. Thirty-three years later, a TV promotes the meeting of Alistair Liam Neeson and Joe James Nesbitt in a house in River Finn expecting the truth and the reconciliation of the murderer and the victim that actually seeks five minutes of heaven. Starring: Liam Neeson, James Nesbit Flight of the Doves This British-made film cast from the Disney mold has a brother Jack Wild and younger sister fleeing their loutish stepfather in England to find their grandmother in Ireland.

Along the journey they are assisted by a motley assortment of colorful characters, and are pursued by a menacing relative who believes their appearance will deprive him of an inheiritance. The uncle, played by Ron Moody, affects a series of disguises to trick the kids, but always gets the shaft.

A beautiful soundtrack score enhances the film.

Mindy Kaling: ‘In comedy writing you would no longer see an all-white male room’

Not readily available, so catch it if you can on television. Forbidden Quest in Ireland, a film maker hears of an aged ship's carpenter who knows the fate of the Hollandia, a Norse ship that set sail in and vanished. The old salt has canisters of film to prove his tale. We see the footage as he narrates. They sail south in June, , with scores of Siberian huskies aboard, meeting no living soul, the crew ignorant of the trip's purpose, until they reach Antarctica. A mysterious Italian paces the deck; a polar bear appears, and the Italian, possessed, hunts it down.

That night, the boatswain explains to the crew how an Arctic bear could be at the South Pole and why the Hollandia has come. Visitors arrive, and the Gothic tale plays out. In flashbacks, we see how he was conceived to a woman Parillaud at the end of WWII as she attempts to smuggle herself to America on a troop ship. Caught, she is put ashore back in her homeland of Ireland where she struggles to bring up her dwarfed child.

Then comes an ongoing affair with a man Byrne who becomes a surrogate father to the boy, teaching him about the stars and planets General, The The real-life story of Dublin folk hero and criminal Martin Cahill, who pulled off two daring robberies in Ireland with his team, but attracted unwanted attention from the police, the IRA, the UVF and members of his own team. As a result he see to it that his co-conspirators are arrested, while ensuring his brother Matt escapes back to Ireland.

Terry follows and the local group have to decide what to do about him and about their imprisoned colleagues being shipped to Belfast. Flynn is dynamic in title role, supported by colorful cast. The Ghost and the Darkness Based on a true account, this film tells the story of Col.

Patterson an Irish engineer who traveled to Africa to build a trestle bridge in Under British authority, the colonel must shoulder the responsibility and blame for the project. It's the old, "you have to be twice as good to be half as accepted" routine. An account of the lion attacks depicted can be found in Peter Capstick's, "Death in the Silent Places.

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He provokes a fight with the tournament victor, Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy, but then the Queen and her entourage arrive. She orders the two men to make up, but later she discusses the rivalry of Mountjoy and Essex with her chief adviser, Sir Robert Cecil. She admires Essex, but Cecil warns her of the political dangers of showing affection for him. He also reports that a new Armada may be on the way.

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Essex comes in and requests permission to go to Ireland to suppress the Tyrone rebellion. He accuses Cecil and Sir Walter Raleigh of intriguing against him. The Queen resists and sends him away. Essex complains to his wife Frances about the way Elizabeth thwarts his desire to go to Ireland. Lady Essex gives a ball at which she dresses extravagantly and looks finer than her queen, but when the ladies return from changing their dresses after a dance, Lady Essex says that her dress was stolen, and it is clear that the larger woman, Queen Elizabeth, is wearing it.

Essex is furious about his wife's humiliation, but the Queen says he will be appointed Lord Deputy in Ireland. In the final act, however, Essex has failed to put down the Irish rebellion. Though Elizabeth likes him, she cannot approve his failure or his paranoia and political battles at court. The Queen orders him imprisoned, and some citizens sympathize with Essex though others declare him a traitor and call for his death.

Murder manhunt under way after fatal street shooting | Daily Mail Online

Queen Elizabeth must now ponder her relationship with Essex in order to come to the best decision. There he works in a little bar owned by Italian Mario and lives with other illegal immigrants who are afraid that they'll get thrown out of the country and are not sure of their place in his new life, including his cousin Des.

H3 'H3' is a universal story of endurance and courage set inside Europe's most secure prison, the Maze prison in Northern Ireland. Here, in H3 - the bleakest of all the H-blocks - a group of young republican prisoners hold out for what they believe in, refusing to be labeled as criminals or co-operate with prison authorities. However, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is determined that these Republican prisoners will be treated like all the other common criminals in British jails, ending a special regime which allowed the inmates political status to organise life inside the jail along POW lines.

The republican prisoners immediately start a 'no-wash' protest, refusing to wear prison-issue clothes or perform work duties, a protest which results in their being locked in their cells for hours on end without exercise, recreation, reading materials and with only blankets to wear for heat. After four years on this protest, morale is at an all time low and everyone knows that something desperate is called for to break the deadlock Although 'H3' portrays bleak prison conditions and tough moments, it also shows the camaraderie and craic, Gaelic for fun as inmates learn Jailic, the particular brand of Gaelic learned inside the prison , sing songs, spin yarns and keep an eye out for each other.

As each prisoner is forced to confront his own demons, the film shows us the triumph of humanity, friendship, loyalty and courage over the prison administration's crude efforts to break their will. The hunger strikes irrevocably altered the political landscape in the north of Ireland, preparing the ground for the current peace process which was born of the tremendous sacrifices made by the protagonists of this extraordinary yet true film.

Hangman's House Set in Ireland and notable today as the first movie in which John Wayne is clearly visible, a spectator at the steeplechase. He knocks the fence down and leads the other spectators toward the winning horse. As "Hanging Judge" James O'Brien approaches death, he prepares for his daughter's welfare by arranging her marriage to the wealthy John Darcy, whom she despises.

Meanwhile, an exiled patriot named Hogan returns to Ireland to kill the man who caused his sister's suicide. That man is Darcy. Victor McLaglen, an exile Irish patriot, risks his life by returning to Ireland and helping a young couple. John Wayne. Matthews , owner of a hunting estate in South Ireland, is killed in an accident. They use the occassion of "O'Leary Night", when the ghost of the first O'Leary walks the halls, to create general chaos. Harry is alone, the army hasn't been told he is being put in place, his wife is fed up with him and his job, and his one new friend, an Irish woman who falls for him will be consumed by his relentless search for the assassin.

Headrush Headrush is a crime comedy about two disillusioned youths, struggling through a haze of cannabis, who hope to solve all their problems by smuggling a consignement of drugs for a local gangster. It's set in the present day in Dublin, Ireland against the backdrop of the end of the Celtic Tiger: the bursting of the bubble of this economy boom that's supposed to have done wonders for us all.

Farrell MacDonald is looking forward to the arrival of his wife and their young son, Shandy Jackie Searl from Ireland. Several days before the ship is to dock, O'Hara gets a radiogram informing him that his wife has died at sea.

Man Hunt by Marisa Mackle

The burglar shoots O'Hara, who has rushed to his friend's aid, and, with his last breath he asks Sol to take care of Shandy. When Shandy arrives, Sol immediately makes him a member of the family, which also consists of a very mischievous motherless boy named Joey Bloom Dick Wallace , whose pursuits consist of stealing oranges from fruit-dealer Tony George Humbert , and playing hookey from school. It would seem there is far more behind the "Troubles" than we thought. A team from the International League of Civil Liberties finds out who is pulling the political strings in Northern Ireland and why.

It is frightening to think just how vulnerable we all are to propaganda and counter intelligence campaigns.

His Family Tree When his son doesn't respond to his many letters, Patrick Murphy decides to leave Ireland and visit his son in America. But upon arriving in Center City Patrick discovers that his son, who is running for Mayor, has changed the family name to Murfree. After his daughter-in-law makes it clear that the old gent's Celtic influence isn't welcome at the Murfree home, Patrick realizes that it is up to him to restore his son's pride in his Irish heritage. Hobson's Choice Henry Hobson runs a successful bootmaker's shop in nineteenth-century Salford.

A widower with a weakness for the pub opposite, he tries forcefully to rule the lives of his three unruly daughters. When he decrees 'no marriages' to avoid the expensive matter of settlements, eldest daughter Maggie rebels and sets her sights on Will Mossop, Hobson's star bootmaker.

Maggie and Will leave to start up in competition, and she then turns her mind to helping her sisters marry their chosen partners.

- Romantic comedy at Old Academy buried inside Irish woe - Chestnut Hill Local Philadelphia PA -

House of the Damned Will and Maura, despite their marital problems, decide to come to Ireland and live on Maura's ancestral estate, bringing with them their daughter Aubrey. But soon weird happenings around the house lead a local priest to confess that Maura's ancestors practiced black magic, and Maura's own insecurities threaten to bring her into the evil fold.

Jack Worthing lives in the country with his pretty ward Cecily Cardew. But in the city, he goes by the name of Earnest and is in love with Gwendolyn Fairfax. Miss Fairfax's cousin is Algernon Moncrieff, who, also using the name Earnest, goes to the country and falls in love with Jack's ward Cecily. When they all come together, we have two men who claim to be Earnest and aren't and two girls who are love with men named Earnest who aren't Earnest.

Starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleason. The Informant Starring Timothy Dalton A young IRA member is forced to turn informant on his comrades when he is caught in an assassination attempt on a judge. Remade as Up Tight. Intermission Intermission is an urban love story about people adrift and their convoluted journeys in the search for some kind of love.

Are Irish Men Romantic..?

When the desperately insecure and emotionally inarticulate John Murphy breaks up with Deirdre Macdonald to 'give her a little test' his plan backfires leaving her broken-hearted and him alone and miserable. Through chance and coincidence, their break-up triggers a roller coaster ride of interweaving escapades in the lives of everyone around them.

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  • This is the story of the "Guildford Four" who were wrongly convicted of bombing an English pub in Believed to be members of the IRA, the four were railroaded into confessing and sent to prison. Their families and the press kept hope alive for years until the convictions were overturned.

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    • Depicts the struggle between the old and new ways as Ireland takes its place in the modern world. He reaches the city, but is shot and captured by British soldiers. Denis is imprisoned in Kildare, but manages to escape along with his fellow prisoners. Believing him to be dead, his mother goes blind from the shock, and his girlfriend Moira is abducted by fellow villager Beecher, who is in league with the Tans.