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The purpose of the experiment is to investigate ways of using animals to grow human organs for transplants. In , scientists from the Salk Institute in California led again by Izpisua Belmonte tried to grow the first embryos containing cells from humans and pigs.

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The process proved to be more challenging than expected and was very inefficient: from 2, implanted embryos, only developed up to the day time limit for the project. Chimeras also exist in the natural world.

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There have been a number of documented human cases. Chimeras can help to fight diseases. In , Portuguese researchers created a chimera virus , a mouse virus with a human viral gene, which enables them to investigate new ways to treat cancer caused by human herpes virus infection.

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The team found out that when the cancer-causing virus loses a protein, called LANA, it also loses its ability to cause cancer. In March, Japan loosened its guidelines, lifting a two-week limit on the growth of human-animal chimeras and allowing the transplantation of chimeric embryos or hybrids into animals, but not humans.

First human-monkey chimera raises concern among scientists

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. WOTD — 19 May A — drawing of a chimera sense 1 attributed to Jacopo Ligozzi.

A chimeric mouse sense 6; right and its offspring. A deep-sea chimaera or ghost shark sense 7; species unidentified from the Celebes Sea. By Lieut.

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  6. Sir E. Cust, D. Read 1st and 8th December, It fell on John's heart like the mutter of approaching desolation. He heard it coming on, as the spell-bound in a hideous dream await, wordless and shivering, the progress of some chimera monster, whose grasp is to crush and destroy.